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Online Sunday worship

Updated: May 16

Please join our Sunday worship by clicking here:

We suggest you make yourself comfortable somewhere you will not be disturbed and join in a few minutes before we start at 10.30 AM Central European Time. Although we will not be physically in the same place, we shall be a community, the Body of Christ, worshiping God together!

As this service is powered by Facebook, you will be prompted to sign in. Just ignore these messages by clicking on "later" or "plus tard" !

Update for the 16th of May 2021: we shall start to use our new online streaming equipment! This should bring enhanced sound and picture quality. This equipment has cost us just over 5.500 Swiss Francs. We have already received donations amounting to almost 2.000 Swiss Francs. We are now asking our regular viewers for donations towards this new equipment. Details of how to donate to St John's are to be found on this website. Please label your donation "Online streaming equipment". Many thanks!